How to Prepare a Traditional Kava Drink

It’s known as ‘ava, awa, yaqona, sakau, or kava by the numerous south pacific drinkers of the drink produced from the root of what is scientifically referred to as piper methysticum, or intoxicating pepper. It is generally thought that kava use began in Vanuatu before spreading throughout Melanesia, Micronesia, and as far as Hawaii. These islanders commonly drank, and still drink, the murky kava liquid as an alternative to alcohol, as a remedy for various ailments, and during ceremonies. The relaxing impact of kava that enables the drinker to maintain mental clarity, lends itself well to settling disputes and discussing community issues.

In the often hectic western world, some people have recently realized that kava can provide a healthy alcohol replacement to wind down with. Kava is not chemically addictive and does not cause a hangover after use. The Following are instructions on how to make traditionally prepared kava at your home.

First, find a source to Buy Kava. There are numerous kava vendors out there. It is important to ensure that the kava you acquire was permitted to grow for a minimum of four years prior to being removed from the ground. It should also have been pulled no more than six months before it is sold.

Second, inside a bowl, combine the kava root with warm, not boiling water. Boiling water breaks down the active ingredients, called kavalactones. Water that is warm to the touch works well. Ratios should be in the amount of one part kava to two to four parts water. Less water will create a more powerful beverage. Although not required, adding a teaspoon of soy lecithin for every two cups of water will help emulsify the active ingredients. Let this mixture to soak for 30-60 minutes.

Next, blend the mixture for 30 seconds. This will help saturate the root and extract the kavalactones. Pour the mixture back into its bowl.

Next, inside a separate bowl, pour some of the mixture into a flexible, sturdy strainer bag or cheese cloth. The amount poured into the strainer should be no more than an amount that you can manually squeeze with strong pressure. Work the strainer containing the mixture inside the bowl for a couple of minutes prior to squeezing as much liquid out as you possibly can. Discard the dry pulp and repeat this process with the remaining kava mixture until all liquid has been separated from the root.

Finally, drink the kava. A normal kava serving is about eight ounces. Due to kava’s earthy and somewhat bitter flavor, most drinkers finish a serving in a single chug. A coconut cup is the traditional kava imbibing container, but any glass or cup will do.

Two or three servings of kava can loosen up muscles and ease the mind. It is best enjoyed on an empty stomach. With a good root and proper preparation, be prepared to find out why the natives of Oceania have such high respect for the sacred kava beverage.

The Longest Drink In Town Milkshake Cups Absolutely Makes The Wackiest Suprise This Spring

If you are like me, you’ll remember lots of hot summer days, slurping on a creamy milkshake from the corner dairy. Probabilities are, the cup that you were holding was one of those much-loved Longest Drink in Town milkshake cups.

I discovered yesterday, that there are now reusable Longest Drink in Town milskshake cups available! Maybe I’ve been hiding under a rock, without knowing this but I was rather worked up about this find. Moulded of sturdy plastic, they’re bound to last you the longest time. They look precisely like the dispensable version, right down to the last detail and you can also use those milkshake lids on this version too.

Also if you can’t get enough of The Longest Drink in Town, you can get tees, milkshake cups, tea towels, magnets, badges and even children ‘ expansion charts from Toggle’s Longest Drink In Town website, everyone one adorned with The Longest Drink In the town designs.

But back to the milkshake cups, they are available in packs of 4 in a tetra-pak style carton, so you and 3 pals can have milkshake drinking races. Being plastic, they’re simple to bathe and you may even mix your milkshakes with a stick blender in the cup itself – that implies less washing up!

These make ideal presents, so if you haven’t done your Christmas shopping yet… Don’t forget to include a packet of straws with the present and perhaps the fortunate receiver will get the hint and you a milkshake.

The people at The Longest Drink in Town are sharing their fave milkshake with us. It si perfect for spring and is delicious.

The Longest Drink in Town’s strawberry shake


6 large fresh strawberries
half cup of your favourite yoghurt
[*FR1] cup of vanilla or strawberry ice cream
0.5 cup of milk

1. Mix strawberries and milk first until well mixed
two. Add ice cream and yoghurt and mix for a little so smoothie remains thick

Note : This recipe half-fills the Longest Drink cup ( it’s got a whopping 700ml capacity ), so dbl the quantities if you want that big milkshake experience.

Stop Snoring Without Gimmicks From Late Night Tv

Some of the best tips to stop snoring work so well. You do not have to go out and spend a small fortune on the latest gimmick on late night TV. What I’m going to tell you about sleeping patterns and snoring is just so simple. Stop drinking booze before putting yourself to bed because it makes you snoore more. A little tip to use to keep your throat moist is to use a humidifier even in the summer. The key here is keeping you breathing easily, lessons your chance of snoring.

Tips to stop snoring are easy to do with just a little thought. One of the important tasks you have is to maintain a routine sleep schedule. For instance, go to bed at the same time everynight, not just during the week. If you go to bed overtired you will be more likely to snore, thats the reason for the bedtime schedule. Keeping in mind, not to do or get into any strenuous activities just before going to bed, it will be harder to relax once you are in bed. To keep yourself from becoming too relaxed, stay away from sleep inducing prescriptions just before bed.

Don’t drink alcohol just before bed, it can play a big roll in causing you to snore. If you have to much to drink it can cause your throat to get to relaxed and it blocks you from breathing. After that has begun, the snoring starts. Just make the adjustment of not drinking before bed, it will help you in the long run. At least 4 hours before bed do not drink anything with alcohol.

This last tip helped me the most in stopping the snoring, it was a simple humidifier from the local drugstore. It helps in keeping the air moist and not being congested, easier breathing. Not being plugged up from congestion makes it easy to breath. The moisture from the humidifier in he bedroom is like the stop snoring throat sparys that keep your throat moist. That is adding moisture to your throat, it will be wet and slick with easier breathing.

Lets recap what we have learned here. Having the same schedule of sleep helps your body from becoming too tired before bed. Next, no more late evening cocktails before bed. Of all the thing to do is use a humidifier next to your bed to keep your air you breath moist. Use distilled water in the humidifier for less harsher moisture in your nasal passages and it an easy clean for the humidifier too.

Causes Of Excessive Sweating Eating Spicy Foods

Every day, about 2.5 percent of people all over the world are worried about the problem of sweating too much. It’s a condition that is experienced by millions of people of different nationalities, gender, lifestyles and ages. Men and women aged between 13 to 62 are still bothered by excessive sweating. The condition is common in puberty and for athletic individuals yes, but there are plenty of people who still sweat buckets while sitting in an airconditioned room attending a board meeting or class.

This leads us to ask what could be the causes of excessive sweating and what can we do to address the problem?

As the old saying goes “we are what we eat”. This still holds true in the case of excessive sweating since it has been proven that people who are affected by this condition should do something to change their eating habits. Let me explain: sweating is a natural process wherein the human body flushes out harmful substances or chemicals that we may have ingested. It’s something that happens 24 hours a day and it’s what keeps our bodies from getting poisoned by what we eat- fatty foods, foods laden with preservatives, rich in sugars, high in caffeine. All of these do nothing but worsen the condition of excessive sweating.

An improper diet and poor eating habits are in fact one of the top causes of excessive sweating in most people. Many don’t realize this,but the more bad stuff we put in our bodies means that our systems have to work overtime in order to flush them out. It is no cause for wonder why the excretory system is producing buckets and buckets of sweat just to try to rid itself of harmful food substances.

What Foods Should You Avoid?

After coming to your senses that what you are eating is what’s causing you to sweat profusely you must take the next step of correcting your eating habits. Foods rich in spices not only make you smell bad but they also stimulate the production of tons of sweat. Sweating while eating spicy food means that your body is regulating it’s internal temperature. If you want to look nice on that first date, make sure you do not order the chili or anything spicy for that matter.

That being said, it would also be wise to cut down on processed foods or preserved goodies. Salts and chemicals used in the preparation or packaging of these foods are also harmful to your body. You would be sweating a lot just to eliminate this from your system, which would again make your problem of excessive sweating more pronounced. If you want to stop the problem of hyperhidrosis the most important thing that you can do is be conscious of the kinds of food you eat.

Find Out The Benefits Of Nopal Drink

You can begin using the Nopal drink and you will understand the popularity of this drink.

Many people find that when dealing with chronic pain you have good days and bad days. This can affect the way you live your life and there may be days that you cannot do anything because the pain is overwhelming. This can greatly interfere with your life and affect the relationships you have with others around you.

When you use the Nopal drink you will find that this is an all natural way to help treat pain. The Nopal drink is derived from the cactus fruit and this has properties not found in any other fruit or vegetable that you most commonly find at the grocery store. Belatains are found in the cactus fruit and this is responsible for helping to reduce inflammation in cells. This can help you to live with less pain and you may simply feel better.

The Nopal drink is also made to possibly help with other conditions also. Blood clots can be a major problem in older people and this can even result in death. Using Belatains may help you to keep blood smooth and this can keep vessels open and running smoothly. This is very important for long life and can reduce cardiovascular issues in the aging population.

When you are ready to purchase Nopal drink you will find that this is very easy also. You will not find this product in your local store, but you can order it very easily and get what you need quickly. You will simply place an order online and you will have your juice shipped to you. You can make sure that you get shipments each month so that you never run out of this juice that can be beneficial in so many ways.

The Nopal drink is something that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine. This may help you to live a fuller life and also reduce pain which can be very important. Pain is not something that anyone should simply live with and trying something new may finally help you and allow you to be free from some of the pain you have been feeling.

If you enjoyed this article by Jeff Schuman please visit our Nopal cactus website today. You will find useful information on benefits of nopal cactus juice and how to buy nopalea juice so you can use it to get your own health benefits from it also.

What is a Blind Pimple

What the heck is a blind pimple and how do you get rid of them when they show up? A blind pimple is really a pimple that forms like any other but it does not come up through the skins surface. It sits just under the surface of the skin and never forms a head like a normal pimple would.

The cause of the blind pimple is not completely understood but may have to do with the oil from the sebaceous glands accumulating in the pore and never having a chance to reach the surface. Being stuck below the surface creates a painful bump. So you now have a blind pimple, what can you do to get rid of it.

Whatever you do, do not try to squeeze the blind pimple; this will only make it worse. Also do not try to prick it with a needle or some other sharp object to help drain it. This may lead to infection or increase the chance of creating a scar after it heals. The best thing to try is just to hold a hot compress against it to possibly open up a pore. This may allow the blind pimple to finally develop a head and drain naturally. If you were to leave it alone it may eventually form its own outlet so it can drain and heal.

Think prevention and take care of your skin so you can reduce the likelihood of any pimples forming. Wash your face at least two times a day, keep your dirty hands off your face, drink plenty of water and eat your fruits and veggies.

Go to Treat Your Acne to discover more information on how to prevent and treat acne and pimples. Tim Archbold’s interests are Health and Fitness.

Royal Crepes, Jajanan Kaki Lima Ala Mall – Food lover, biasanya kalau lagi hang out ke mall, kamu pasti suka menghampiri stand yang menjual crepes. Hmm makanan ringan yang satu ini memang salah satu favorit yang biasanya dijual di mall dan pusat perbelanjaan. Harga dan variasi crepes ini beragam, untuk crepes yang dijual di mall biasanya dijual mulai dari Rp 8,000. Nah kali ini pasar crepes sepertinya sudah mulai menjamur ke jajanan kaki lima. Untuk jajanan kaki lima, Royal crepes merupakan crepes menyasar sebagai jajanan kaki lima

Photo Source;

Dengan harga mulai dari 2,000 sampai 3500 rupiah, crepes yang satu ini memang laris manis terutama di kalangan anak sekolah. Dengan variasi rasa beragam seperti ini, royal crepes mampu melesat sebagai crepes yang dikhususkan untuk jajanan kaki lima.

Mau tau rasanya? Nggak beda kok dengan crepes yang biasa dijual di mall dan pusat perbelanjaan. Dengan banyak variasi rasa, royal crepes ini cukup disukai anak-anak sekolah. Hanya saja yang membedakan crepes ini dengan crepes ala mall adalah kemasannya. Royal crepes ini hanya dibungkus dengan plastik biasa. Tetapi siapa butuh kemasan kan?

Variasi rasanya beragam dari mulai coklat, pisang, kacang, keju, srikaya, blueberry, apel, nanas hingga kiwi. Harganya berbeda dengan satu atau dua variasi rasa. Harga termahal untuk crepes ini dipatok sebesar Rp 3,500. Wah lumayan murah ya. Kalau di mall kita hanya dapat satu crepes, disini bisa dapat lima lho.

Royal crepes yang merupakan franchise ini juga cukup menarik banyak minat orang dikarenakan modal usaha awal yang tak terlalu besar. Untuk paket gerobak, harga franchise yang ditawarkan sebesar Rp 6,500,000, paket gerobak becak sebesar Rp 8,500,000 dan paket booth display sebesar Rp 12,500,000.

Keuntungan yang diraih per hari pun cukup signifikan. Menurut penjual crepes, dalam sehari dia bisa menjual sekitar 300 crepes yang berasal dari 2kg adonan. Cukup banyak memang. Didirikan di tahun 2005, saat ini royal crepes telah memiliki gerai sekitar 150 outlet yang tersebar di seluruh Indonesia.

Nah food lover, jika selama ini kamu addict dengan crepes tetapi terbentur pada harga jika sering-sering membelinya, cobain deh royal crepes yang satu ini. Biasanya penjual royal crepes ini akan berjualan keliling komplek-komplek namun juga sering mangkal di depan sekolah yang notabene penggemarnya memang anak sekolah dari mulai SD hingga SMA.

Deal, Kupon, Makan, Makanan , Resto, Restoran, Tempat Makan, Diskon, Diskon Makan, Makan Murah, Wisata Kuliner, Makan Makan, Kuliner > ? mau makan murah setiap hari ? mau Makanan Top dengan harga edan.. potongan harga hingga 90% setiap harinya.


Rtd Green Tea – Functionality Of Ready To Drink Camellia Sinensis

Camellia sinensis, otherwise known as the tea plant, offers a variety of health benefits beyond serving as a soothing and refreshing hot or cold beverage. Around the world, people enjoy rtd green tea for ceremony, taste, and health. All of those tea varieties, whether they are black, green, or oolong, evolve from this plant.

Weight loss is one of the positive effects drinking camellia sinensis can provide. In addition to the diuretic effect helping to flush toxins from the body, tea has provided an appetite suppressant effect for some. The caffeine in tea has a thermal boost effect on most metabolisms. In other words, your metabolism gets revved up so you can burn more calories and fat. Some people do not care much for drinking a lot of water but can get some necessary fluid through rtd green tea consumption. It is important to stay hydrated in general but especially if you are exercising strenuously or in hot conditions. It is also important not to load up your ice tea with a lot of sugar or other additives. Too many unnecessary calories added to your tea will increase, not decrease your waistline.

Antioxidants in tea are a significant health benefit. If there is one supreme benefit that camellia sinensis provides, this is it. Antioxidants seek out harmful toxins in the body and eliminate them. The amount of polyphenols, thearubigins, epicatechins, and catechins antioxidants is as good or better in some cases when compared to the amounts in other fruits and vegetables. So instead of your mom telling you to eat your broccoli, she may say you can drink your rtd green tea instead. Or perhaps she will say you should have both since cultures that drink tea in significant amounts like Japan, also consume a lot of vegetables.

Another popular function of the Camellia Sinensis variety is its ability to soothe insomniacs and calm those with anxiety. Take chamomile tea, for instance, or other herbal, non-caffeinated rtd green teas. They provide a mindset and physically calming effect. Both ritually and compositionally, a pleasant, steaming cup of chamomile tea at bedtime is signal to the body that it is time to relax and go to sleep. Chamomile’s soothing effects are not limited to insomniacs and the anxiety prone. Chamomile has an anti-inflammatory agent so it also helps relieve muscle aches and pains both externally and internally. The tea works because it releases an amino acid that serves as a mild nerve relaxant. This is why chamomile also provides menstrual cramp relief.

Jollibee Success Story

When it comes to fast-food restaurants in the Philippines, Jollibee has become an icon for the majority of Filipinos in and out of the country. Awarded the “Best at Consumer Goods” in Asias Best Managed Companies 2005 poll survey by Euromoney Magazine, Jollibee Food Corporation has been recognized as one of the 200 “Best Under a Billion” companies in Asia by Forbes Asia Magazine.

In a recent report made in 2008, Jollibee Food Corporation became the biggest known fast-food restaurant in the world. With an over of 1,490 local chains and 228 foreign stores, JFC now competes with other successful fast-food restaurants such as McDonalds and Burger King.

Part of what made Jollibee Food Corporation successful other than its own brand are its acquisitions. JFC has been known for its expansions through other brands of fast-food chains in the Philippines and in other countries. One of its first expansions was Greenwich Pizza.

Jollibee Food Corporation acquired 80 percent of Greenwich Pizza in 1994, enabling it to penetrate the pizza-pasta segment. From a 50-branch operation, Greenwich has established a strong presence in the food service industry.

In early 2006, Jollibee Foods Corp. bought out the remaining shares of its partners in Greenwich Pizza Corp., equivalent to a 20% stake, for P384 million in cash.

In 2000, the company acquired Chowking, allowing Jollibee to be part of the Oriental quick service restaurant segment. In 2005, JFC penetrated the pastries and cake industry by acquiring Red Ribbon Bakeshop.

Other acquisitions made by Jollibee Food Corporation are Dlifrance (a bakery company that serves “French style” bakery products), and Manong Pepe’s (a fast-food restaurant that serves popular Filipino delicacies).

In August 26, 2008, Jollibee Food Corporation formally signed the P 2.5 billion ($ 55.5 million) deal with Beijing-based Hong Zhuang Yuan through its wholly owned subsidiary Jollibee Worldwide Pte. Ltd.

Aside from Hong Zhuang Yuan, Jollibee purchased 70% of Taipei restaurant Lao Dong in June and Chun Shui Tang tea house in 2006. In 2004, Jollibee acquired Chinese fast food chain Yonghe King for $ 22.5 million.

By the end of 2010, Jollibee Food Corporation aims to become a Global Brand by opening 4,000 chains all over the world, serving both the Filipino people that grown to love Jollibee, and foreigners that’ll soon belong to Jollibee’s growing family.

Analysis Of The Development Trend Of Fast-food Industry In The Future

In recent years, China’s fast-food industry has experienced 10 years of hardships. The industry has undergone the growing process from disorder to order, from grass to towering trees. In this process, there appears a group of leading enterprises such as the real kung fu fast food chain, Da Niang Dumpling and so on.

Meanwhile, the experts pointed out that “Although western fast food in our country has a good development at current. But because the Chinese people have developed eating habits for a long time and due to the irresistible delicious Chinese food, in the future Chinese fast food will continue to dominant China’s fast food market.”

The survey shows that in China’s fast-food market, 78.9% are Chinese fast-food restaurants, while 21.1% are Western-style fast food restaurants. Chinese fast food due to its price advantage and the taste advantages still accounts for most share of the domestic fast food market. This no doubt provides a huge and yet untapped market for the Chinese fast food industry.

In addition, it is worth noting that, after 10 years of market screening, Chinese fast food has gone out of the “small”, “miscellaneous and chaotic” market misunderstanding. It has the basic formation of mature market segments to meet the needs of different consumer groups.

In addition, the arrival of the peak of China’s urban expansion also provides an opportunity for the development of the fast food industry. At present, every year about 18 million rural people come into cities. By the year of 2015, China’s urban population will for the first time exceed the rural population.

Urbanization does not only mean an overall improvement in people’s living standards, but also means the changes of people’s way of life and the rising of the resource consumption. People’s consumer attitudes will change accordingly. With the accelerated pace of life, fast food consumption has become a popular demand. The production of “public fast food” that can meet the demand of the ordinary working class will become a trend.

In the 21st century, China’s fast-food industry has achieved new development, opening up new prospects for the development of Chinese fast food. In the face of new development conditions and opportunities, how to promote scientific development and make new progress for the Chinese fast-food industry is the tasks and challenges we are facing. Experts say that there is still a long way for the Chinese fast food industry to go in the future.