The Wide Range Of Delonghi Magnifica Espresso Machines

For millions of people around the world, coffee is an absolute necessity for helping them get through the day. From getting up in the morning to getting through an afternoon meeting – to many it is an essential drink. Instant coffee has improved dramatically since it was first released some years ago. There are now dozens of brands, and hundreds of different varieties. For those in a rush it is a great second choice. However, real filtered coffee is still unbeaten in terms of taste.

Whether you need an expensive all-in-one coffee machine for the office, or a more moderately priced unit for your kitchen at home, the range of Delonghi Magnifica espresso machines probably includes a suitable model. What follows is a run down of two of the best selling models in the range.

The ESAM3300 Super-Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine

While not having the easiest to remember name, the ESAM3300 is within the top of its range. It is currently available at some retailers for less than $900, while still containing enough variable features to enable the user to tweak the settings to their satisfaction, and to create the perfect cup of coffee.

As it contains an integrated grinder, once the user’s optimum settings have been programmed in, all that is needed is beans, water and (optionally) milk to create a great cup of coffee with one press of a button. In fact, it also contains a specialized chamber where the device mixes steam and milk to create the ideal frothy latte (or any other drink for that matter).

The 3500 SuperAutomatic Espresso Machine

There are a number of other Delonghi Magnifica espresso machines, and the 3500 SuperAutomatic Machine is one of the more expensive models. Due to its price (currently around $1500 at most retailers) it is usually reserved for restaurants of those with expensive taste.

However, those who do purchase it find that it is a quality machine. It has a special brew boiler, with a stainless steel lining to increase its lifetime, and a separate boiler to mix steam and milk for frothy drinks. This reduces the time needed to make the beverage because instead of boiling the water, making the drink and then frothing, all parts of the process occur simultaneously. As with the other Delonghi Magnifica espresso machines, this model has multiple settings, which allow the user to adjust even the smallest part of the coffee making process.

Whatever type of machine you choose, it can help to improve that oh-so-important part of each day; instant coffee is acceptable, but is still no comparison to the real thing.