The Many Dangers Of Comsuming Coffee
Hot Coffee

Hot Coffee

Coffee has become part of our every day meals. In fact, most Americans wouldn’t be able to wake up properly without a jolt of caffeine to their systems. They need that steaming cup of coffee to start the day with energy.

While coffee boasts of several advantages, it is also poses several dangers to the body especially when taken in excessive amounts. Acidic content Although coffee is basically coffee granules, some water and sometimes sugar or milk, it is a potent drink especially when combined with the body’s natural acids. Unknown to many, caffeine, which is the main component of coffee, can combine with the stomach acids to form a toxin in the body called caffeine hydrochloride.

When this toxin reaches the liver, the body naturally produces a bile that will help remove the toxin. This is the reason why some people think that coffee can aid in their digestion because of bowel regularity.

Harmful Chemicals Coffee contains the chemical trichloroethylene in large concentration due to the use of pesticides in coffee plantations. The chemical is used mainly as a solvent and a cleaning agent in the clothing industry. It is also used in the metal industry as a degreasing chemical. Trichloroethylene has been linked to some types of liver cancer.

Another potential chemical in coffee that may harm the body is the chlorogenic acid, which has toxic side effects. Overworking the adrenal Coffee also contains an oil that can adversely affect the gastric mucosa. Because of this, the adrenal glands are frequently secreted, thus the feeling of always being full of energy. However, too much secretion of the hormone adrenaline can result in a rise in the blood pressure, tension in the body and low energy. The mood may also be affected as well as the appetite.

Counteracts medications People who are taking drugs or any mediations for pain, obesity, hypertension or depression are advised not to drink coffee as all their efforts in getting well could be wasted. A patient with high fever can also be harmed by coffee and is better off drinking lemon juice or even tea.

People who drink coffee often can develop a deficiency in Thiamine or Vitamin B1. This can cause fatigue and nervousness. There is also general malaise as well as aches and pains in the body. Headaches are also common. In addition, drinking too much coffee may also prevent the nutrients in the food that you eat from being absorbed by the intestines.

Rendang food and nutritional value
Rendang Food and culinary

Rendang Food and culinary

Rendang is the food side dishes are usually consumed by the people of Indonesia. Rendang contains 193 kilocalories of energy, 22.6 grams protein, 7.8 grams carbohydrates, 7.9 grams fat, 474 milligrams of calcium, phosphorus 211 mg, and 14.9 milligrams of iron. Also in Rendang is also contained as much as 69 IU of vitamin A, vitamin B1 and 0.12 milligrams of vitamin C 0 milligrams. The results obtained from conducted a study of 100 grams Rendang, the number of which can be eaten as much as 100%.


Detailed information Composition Nutrition / Nutritional Rendang:

Name Foodstuffs: Rendang
Other names / Alternative: –
Many Rendang studied (Food Weight) = 100 gr
Rendang parts that can be consumed (BDD / Food Edible) = 100%
Amount of Energy Content Rendang = 193 kcal
Number of Protein Content of Rendang = 22.6 g
The amount of fat content Rendang = 7.9 gr
Number of Carbohydrate Content of Rendang = 7.8 gr
Calcium content Rendang number = 474 mg
Phosphorus content Rendang number = 211 mg
Content of Iron Rendang number = 14.9 mg
The content of Vitamin A number Rendang = 69 IU
The content of Vitamin B1 amount Rendang = 0.12 mg
The amount of Vitamin C content of Rendang = 0 mg
Efficacy / Benefits Rendang: – (Not Available)
Initial letters Name Foodstuff: R
Nutritional Information Sources: Various publications of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia as well as other sources.

Description :
Research / Research at different Rendang can produce differences in the results are due to various factors that influence. We are sorry if there are errors or omissions in the list of food composition information of this Rendang. Hopefully the nutrients / nutrient Rendang This can be useful for all of us. 

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